The Red Balloon ...


today was mainly music day ..... red dress up day at mainly music ... red songs, red props, Red tops and shoes ...and .... red balloons for all the kids .....
this simple little balloon has kept my son entertained for hours today ......
 a red  helium baloon on a string has provided hours of entertainment for him .... and many happy moments for me
his face absolutly lights up at the red baloon as he chases it squeezes it , watches it ... then he lets it go and his twinkling  little eyes follow  it up , up  up  ... to the ceiling .... he looks at me ,a silent plea in his eyes and a smile on his face " please " he says
I stand up and grab the baloon string  bringin it back down to his level  ... he is soo excited to be given the baloon , even thought we have done it over 60 times today
and we repeat , again and again ... unlimited smiles and giggles....  little questions "please mummy"
those words make my heart soar !



something so simple, brought us so much happiness today
I am so thankful for the red balloon  :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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