Realistic Family Budgeting .... Coming Soon !

 coming soon
a realistic look at our  family budgeting
most of you already know, we are not rich ... my husband works very hard for very little .... and for along time , we thought the only answer to our financial troubles were to earn more money
 .... but that's not the answer ....
 sure a little bit extra wouldn't hurt ...
 but now we are all about living within our means
we are just like most family's , we have a mortgage, bills, car repayments, food shopping, petrol, medical expenses, etc etc  ... and for the first time since I went on maternity leave ... WE ARE SAVING !
its not alot , but its a start .... we know exactly what money is coming in and whats going out .... and most importantly where we are spending it ... down to the last cent !!!
 budgeting easier said than done ... as living withing your means and starting a budget can be extremely overwhelming when you are already stressed about money  ...
but I'm going to show you how we have done it  ..... !
I'm going to show you how to really track your money , how to put money away for your upcoming bills and how to start saving again
real , commonsense advice .... things you and your family can do without paying a financial planner !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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