rainy days ...


rainy wet, windy,... wintry days
not so much fun with an active easily bored toddler ....
we have baked , had sword fights , drawn on our chalkboard , cuddled, had bike races down the hallway, read books, "swept the floor" ( ran around with the Bannister brush spreading crumbs and dirt everywhere )
its 11.30 ... hes bored ... I'm exhausted
starting to despise the rain even though I know we need it so much
so I cave ... I put toy story on , give him some apple chopped up and I sit down with a fresh pumpkin scone and stare at my compute screen ....
I should be doing better than this ..... mummy is my job ... I should be putting in more effort to his activities etc
so I started researching .... for tomorrow ... today is already lost ... yes tomorrow a fresh start
watch out super mum ... here I come
 pinterest round up  for engaging toddler activities ....
some wonderfully messy ideas on this one
this girl is real .... mixie studio ... toddler boredom
this is stuff I could actually do / already do
 love this very creative but simple ... no cooking and dying pasta or prep work
one of my favourite childhood toys/snack food when no one was watching haha
easy , fun , mess free ... I'm sold !
ideas ideas ideas ... so many ideas , so little time .... calm down shona , breath ... one activity at a time ... one activity a day ...
yay for motivation
thank god for pinterest
thank you to all the real life super mums who are out there putting together the ideas for mums like me !!!
if you would like to follow me on pinterest or facebook , where I will be pinning many many more amazing boards like this
just search for Free Range Mumma
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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