Please Stop Buying My Kid Toys...... !

first of all.... I know I'm a mean mumma ...
Erik knows it
and one day he will understand why
I'm not your best friend I'm your parent ...
 my only concern is what you need to enrich your life ... not what you want
give my son a childhood full of experiences, opportunities and memories ... not things !
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which is why when I read  this girls blog about how she took all of her kids toys away .... the heavens opened ...
 someone else  understands , it was like looking in the mirror , seriously ! 
click here to read it , I promise its an eyeopener !
Why I took all my kids' toys away {& why they won't get them back}--a MUST read for any parent who has struggled with too much stuff!
we are so obsessed with stuff , kids and adults that we are missing out on something so much more ... life.......
 I am not exempt from this, I'll be the first one to admit that waiting for a package in the mail from eBay does give me a little thrill .... I'm working on it  , to fill my life with experiences and not things ..
and I need to start that NOW with my son, otherwise hes going to turn into another self absorbed teenage twit too obsessed with face book and youtube to notice the real world !!!
I have been wanting to do this for ages but my husband needs more convincing !
because the reality is ... my son does not need the room full of toys he currently has ,
its too much , it overwhelms him , he cant concertrate on mastering one toy because there is 400 other toys begging for his attention ....
trucks, blocks, a million stuffed animals, cars, fire engines , bikes, trikes, lawn movers, rocking horses, push downs, pop ups , Lego, matchbox cars, bath toys, puzzles, tool sets, ...... the list could go on forever ..... and you know what , he hardly plays with any of it ....

apart from a few favourite toys .... the tub of "big toys " and the (new) toy chest of "medium" toys do not get touched ....
our son has too much stuff !!!!
and we haven't even been spoiling him ... out of the hundreds of toys he has... we have brought him the following
a tonka truck
a set of wooden blocks
his teddy
his giggelasaurus toy
a bubble blowing set ( used every day... sigh )
and a trike ( outdoors ) ..
we also have a HUGE cubby house/fort on order for his birthday/Christmas present !
but apart from that ... every other toy has been brought for us  !!
now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that people want to spoil my son, that they think of him when they are out shopping, that he has loving adoring grandparents, aunties and uncles ..... I am grateful for their generosity and in know way want to diminish the role of grandparent etc ....
but , seriously .... STOP BUYING MY KID TOYS !!!!!!
he has enough, more than enough ... if you want to give my son a gift, give him your time ... take him to the animal park, take him to the pool .... bring him an ice cream on a summers afternoon, chase him round the back yard or tell him stories of pirates and cowboys !
in my ideal world ... Erik's room would have a bed , chest of drawers,  toy chest , reading corner and book tub ....
in the toy chest would be , some wooden blocks , a wooden train set , a few puzzles, 2 trucks , a hand full of matchbox cars , and separately the colouring/craft section ( pencils, crayons, paper, stickers )
if you ask me this would be more than enough to keep him amused, between these few toys ( that he would only get one at a time)  books and being outdoors  my son would still get a happy and full childhood... and he would learn contentment ... to be happy with what he has not always wanting something new !
I'm thinking of doing an experiment , similar to our TV EXPERIMENT read HERE ... a week without toys ....
am I crazy  ?
probably ... but ill never know unless I try it ?
maybe, maybe not ? ... better talk to hubby about it first !
ill let you all know how that lovely little discussion goes :s
thank for stopping buy to listen to my epiphany
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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