Our Love Story ... part 3 , moving on ?

Moving on ???

by now I have endured about 2 years of relentless torture......, hopelessly crushing on  the boy ... Aaron Gates

he is still ignoring me....

I'm 15 and a half now ... and never been kissed

never been kissed ... because I am still waiting ... waiting for a boy to notice me so he can be my first real kiss ....
 I am the only one of my friends who is still a kissing virgin , who has never had a boyfriend or any of that vitally important stuff

and it is starting to become pathetic , and I'm becoming the object of more jokes and teasing amongst my "friends"


one day I catch Aaron's friend making fun of my crush on him
 ( he looks at me horrified and embarrassed )  and very loudly proclaims that...

 " she should get over it "

I hold it together till I get home... just ... and then spend the entire weekend crying in my room and writing in my diary ... and eating junk food ....... and then after I'm all cried out ...

I realise something .... he is right !

I should get over it , because its obviously not going to happen and I'm not going to waste anymore time waiting for it or desperately wishing it to happen ....

I dont want to be 20 and not kissed because im still waiting for a boy ....
I want that first kiss with a boy who actually really likes me , not one I have to convince to like me !

its like the fog has lifted, I feel cleansed, new, fresh ... I look like shit from all the crying..... but I feel better !

I put on "The Darkness " ( my favourite band of all time ever )  and dance my little  broken heart out


I am done with Aaron Gates ... I am a NEW shona ..... fresh, alive and ready for all opportunities !


but not crushing on  Aaron  ... was going to be harder than I thought !

Part 4 ... where I turn in to the beautiful swan hahaha

coming soon

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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