love story ; grandparents edition :)

my grandparents, two of the most amazing people I know ... still fit and positive , laughing and chasing Erik around their farm on grandpas 85 th birthday  today 
grandma tells me ...
 I got him a really lovely card for his birthday , it said all this nice kind stuff on the front ...
he's reading  away,
and after turns to me and said
" thankyou , that was beautiful" ...
I smiled  and said  ....
 "its all bull-shit  "
we both laughed
that's the kind of couple they are , they love each other dearly but after 61 years of marriage they still can make fun of each other and make each other laugh ....
so in celebration ... here is their short - sweet love story of how they first met .... a story that we only recently learned of
grandpas first memory of grandpa was on the sandunes at Murray Bridge
she was running down the dunes getting faster and faster when suddenly her legs couldn't keep up and they went over her head ... all you could see was her pink petticoat overhead and her arms and legs flying everywhere ... that's when I knew, right there and then ... she was the girl for me
they met at 18 - at 61 years later , she certainly was the girl for him !
I can only hope to follow in their footsteps , and celebrate my own 60th wedding anniversary one day :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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