Life Without TV ...

One day , about 6 months ago ...  whilst channel surfing on a Friday night I somehow decided that our family needed to give up TV !
everyday as soon as Aaron got home, the TV would be turned on , we wouldn't be watching anything in particular..... but it would be on,
in the background,
 we would be sitting, staring at it with no idea or no interest in what we were watching ,
 we just had it on out of habit ... not a good habit mind you !
and then after tea we would get Erik to bed and sit down in front of it again ... and just watch total crap or channel surf between adds to find something worth watching !
 More  repeats of how I met your mother and that 70s show .... why are we watching this ... again !
that's when we decided to do an experiment .... 1 week without TV .. to see if we could do it !
the rules .... 
1. we could still watch a DVD at night  but only once a week
2. Erik could still watch TV in the morning ( so I can get dressed and ready in peace ) and 1/2 hour at night ( giggle and hoot goodnight hour and in the night garden )
3. no day time TV either ... not that there is anything worth watching during the day anyway
that first week took a bit to get use to ......
Aaron gets bored really quickly so we found ourselves looking to projects to do ...
the first night Aaron mowed the lawn
the second night  he pruned all the shrubs and ripped some overgrown ones out
the third night we visited family
the fourth night we just sat on the couch with a drink and talked ... really talked, about all of our dreams and ambitions
the fifth night we went to bed early and woke up fresh and alive !
we had so much more energy , we felt awake, fresh, well rested, happy, productive, organised !
our sleeping improved, we had so much more family time and most importantly we felt more connected, to each other ... we were talking again , really talking ! not just sitting zombified in front of the television !
our week long experiment tuned into a fortnight, then a month , then now six months
and yes ... We LOVE life without TV !!!!
we are content, we are living in the moment, in our moments relevant to our lives ... we don't care whats happening on The Block or who won The Voice,....I couldn't care less if  Kim Kardashian  calls her baby something ridiculous or who's going to die this week on Home and Away
I really don't care ... TV does nothing to improve or enrich my life .....
 I do not need TV to relax, or wind down... instead I have a shower, a hot chocolate, go to bed early  !
I am living my life to the fullest , not watching someonelse's drama on TV !
I know what we are doing is'nt for everyone , but it works for us , we are making the most of each day we are given , not wasting it away in front of a flat screen !
Just some food for thought ....
Turn of the TV , go Outside ,
take ten deep breaths and appreciate your world..
 the real world !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx



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