Chevron Nappy Purse .... Made For Emme x

yay yay yay .. as I pull into the driveway after playgroup .... its here its here its here ....
there is a small package poking out of my letter box .... one I am so excited to share with you
because it is too cute for words .... beyond adorable , just gorgeous and totally me
so here it is ... my custom hand made nappy purse from my amazing friend Chelsea ,
who runs "Made For Emme" quality hand sewn baby products ....
she is one talented babe that's for sure .....

besides the fact that she an I have known each other since kindly , this girl is one amazing auntie, footy wife and quite a whizz at a sewing machine ! ...
all of her designs are inspired by her beautiful niece Emme ....
fun fact , Emmes mummy Megan was my midwife and delivered Erik :)

The main reason why this nappy purse is so amazing ... ( besides the obvious fact that
the fabric is chevron , my current obsession ... )
is that is is big enough to fit cloth nappies .... YAY !

MCN mummies will know all about the struggle of fitting cloth nappies into anything
cute ... it just doesn't happen !!!

because it is a fabric purse instead of a plactic of vinyal purse you have so much extra flexibility ..... for example .... in this purse I can fit
1. 1 double padded cloth nappy
2. 1 travel pack of wipes
3. two disposables ( for emergency's)
4. wet bag, for soiled nappies and wet clothes 

yep all of that fits in this little purse ... which means next time we are out and need to change little MR , I just grab the purse and head to the change room ... no hunting around in my bag for a nappy and wipes and wet bag separately :)
yay for adorable nappy purses !


its too cute .... its just too cute
I cant even bear to put it in my bag yet ... so its sitting in the entry so I can admire it during the day hehe
how perfect would these be as a baby gift....
lots of new mums don't know about all the practical stuff of parenting and often end up with 30 swaddling blankets and 40 onsies from a baby shower ...
nothing they will actually use !
I am determing to be the guest who actually gives baby shower gifts that the mum will use ... like one of these cuties !

so Im thinking of stocking up on these in pinks, blues and yellows for all my beautiful pregnant friends who are close to their due dates :) excited !

" Made for Emme "

chelsea ; I love sewing and my niece, Emme, has inspired me to get creative. I've started by making nappy purses. I'm working on other products for mum's and their babies,
so watch this space!
Nappy Purse $15

Designs for baby girls and boys.
Or I can make a neutral design which is perfect for a baby shower gift

Made for Emme website showcases some of the other fabrics and designs, so head over and show her some love :)

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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