Bannana and Egg Pancakes ...

you just cant beat pancakes on a Sunday morning ... or in this case, a cold and  rainy Monday morning ... either way , pancakes are amazing
especially these "Clean" pancakes ....
these pancakes are so easy they are becoming my go to recipe for Erik's breakfast , he loves them and I know they are healthy for him
I kept seeing the recipe popping up on facebook and on pinterest , honestly I thought it was a joke , 2 ingredient pancakes, you have got to be kidding .... but I eventually caved and tried it ...
result = amazing !
the smell of them cooking is the best bit , the lovely warm aromas of cinnamon, banana and vanilla waft from my kitchen .. Erik comes running, he knows he's getting his favourite breakfast !
notes ;
fresh, free range eggs will give you the best results in terms of fluffy pancakes , I used eggs collected yesterday .... also using a stick mix or blender will fluff them up pretty good too :)
its probably half omelette, half pancake ... as they smell like a pancake , but don't quite hold their form like one .... If your after a more solid, traditional pancake , I might suggest adding some oat flour to the mix to give them a bit more body :)
also , I used a splash of organic vanilla essence , which I didn't put in the pictures ...
 * you cook them  as you would normally a pancake, but lower temperature for a bit longer, as they do have a tendency to burn ... ( yes I'm talking from experience)
enjoy :)

yum yum yum !
if you have anything to add , please feel free to comment below :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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