3 Beauty Basics Every Mum Should Own ...

the title is  pretty self explanatory .... these are the 3 beauty basics I think every mum should invest in ...
I know that feeling all too well , the ... oh, god , I cant go out ... I got about 2 hours sleep so I look like Ive got two black eyes, my hair hasn't been washed in a 4 days  and is plastered to my head in an oily mess and I feel disgusting ... and Im ment to be somewhere in 10 minutes :( .... feeling !
and that's where these things come in .... trust me , it will help, it might not turn you into a supermodel but at least you can go down the shops without a paper bag over your head... and its quick .. im all about mulititasking !!!  
1.  DRY SHAMPOO !!!!!
the miracle of all miracles ... especially if you have super fussy hair like mine !

Don’t let the low-budget packaging fool you – this stuff is as good now as it probably was in the 80′s when they designed the label. Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in a bunch of scents and is available at our local foodland . Batiste is a budget-friendly dry shampoo that works well.
I probably use this way too much  .. but it means I can getaway with washing my hair only twice a week :)
 if all else fails .... baseball cap !

this is the fantastic all in one grab and go  ...
 This product  will cover your dark circles around the delicate eye area. so you look like you’ve had your full eight hours, even if you haven’t!
the formula, moisturises the eye , whilst the cooling refreshing roller ball awakens the skin and reduces puffiness , then the mineral pigments combine to cover the dark spots ( bags ) under the eye :) win win
this is my go to product most mornings  to de puff my eyes , I put it on before making aaron breckfast and by the time I'm done, my eyes are depuffed and I can see again haha
3.  BB CREAM !!!!
throw out your, foundation, concealer, illuminator, bronzer, blusher, pressed powder ....
" aint no body got time for that !! " 
its all about mulit-tasking .... give me a product that can , moisturise, cover, illuminate and give me SPF 15 all at the same time .... YES PLEASE !!!
personally I love the Nation BB cream in Fair  ... I have tried a few, and even though this one it a bit shiny ( I use a translucent powder over top)  I've found it seems to leave my skin actually feeling lighter and fresher  .. thumbs up ! 
 The cream provides lasting hydration, SPF 15 protection and skin tone correction while concealing imperfections and soothing redness for even natural coverage and a health glow
I'm all about the "glow " these days
Make an investment if yourself , in looking good feeling good, everyday ..
because you Do deserve it !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx
 picture taken after a night with 2.5 hours sleep !


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