Welcoming Winter ....

June 1st  ... the first day of winter ... my favourite time of year !
its pouring with rain ... all day ,
 there is still fog covering half of the hills at lunch time,
 and the wood fire is crackling away .... perfection
and yes today I did the thing most  parents fear above all else .... I let my child play in the rain ... yep, he jumped in puddles, caught rain drops on his toung, fell over in the mud ..... and yes he was absolutely wet through, cold and dripping !
but he was so happy,
and eventually, when he had enough... he came inside stripped off and put on some warm clothes, had a nice warm milk and a nap
we hung his wet clothes in front of the fire and they were dry by the time we left to go home.....
and if I had kept Erik warm and dry inside all day , yes I would have less washing to do  but .....I would not have these amazing memories and pictures .... of our day in the rain !
it was a perfect day at Nanny's ....

climbing the front steps ... again and again and again !
fire wood next to the back door .... makes me wish we had a wood fire now
 catching rain drops on his toung

little gumboots .... adorable
 exploring grandpas shed

my mum and my feet, we are the same size ... which come in very handy for shoes swapping lol  

its important as our kids grow... that they learn to embrace the things they can not change, you cant stop the rain .... so  turn your face towards the clouds and enjoy the feeling of raindrops on your skin...
 find your happiness in the small things ... like raindrops and puddles !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. Makes my place feel warm and fun when you visit. Do you remember gold search party in the rain with Michelmores Daisy. kym hid rocks that they painted gold to find and we had a picnic party in the rain, climbed trees got very wet.xxxxxx


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