three randoms for tuesday ....

Three random facts on this lovely Tuesday ....
1.  I always make a double batch of honey crackles but use the normal about of patty pans so I can eat half of it straight out of the pot without feeling guilty ...
 " we ran out of patty pans " I tell aaron with a mouthfull of sugary kellogs goodness !
2.  I cant stand nailpolish that clashes with my outfit , everytime I paint my nails I plan my entire weeks outfits around it ... ie red , can wear neutrals, mustards and navy  but absolutly no pink or green ! .... I can be a bit anal about it  so iIstick to 3 basic colours, a red, chocolate and baby pink ... in summer I can add orange or teal ( but only if my wardrobe matches ) ... I am feeling absolutly pathetic reading this back and want to slap myself ... but its the truth !
3.   My favourite thing about winter is Eriks  cy cold but rosy pink little cheeks, especially when he is running around the backyard and laying in the wet grass on a freezing morning, his face is so alive and happy it makes my heart soar .. then I chase him , catch him and snuggle those little icy cheeks until they are cosy and  warm again !
 Share your three Randoms in the Comment box below !!!
  xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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