The haircut dilema....

 "oh dear god Shona.... you've let yourself go "
 I say to myself as I look in the mirror .....  I really need to get a hair cut and colour ... asap !
and I probaly need to stop talking to my self asap too :s
 Im starting to look like I've done a reverse omber on my previously lush brown locks .... and the concave bob is now past my shoulders ..... the result ..... I look cheap , cheap and nasty ... and whilst I might be an actuall tight arse ... I dont want ppl knowing it !
its been 6 months since I had a colour done at a hairdressers ( ive been diy-ing it at home since ) and about 2 months since my last hair cut ...
just a hair cut ... none of this $60 wash and blowdry crap !  
I decide I want to get it done properly for my birthday and made an appointment at the fancy salon in angaston ... 3 weeks away :(
but typical shona .... im impatient ....... and im guilty about spending over  $140+ on my hair .....
so I do what I always do ...   get the $15.00 box of hair dye from foodland, cancell my appointment at the fancy beautiful salon and get a cut at the mens, no appointment needed salon in tanunda  !!!
the after ...
the before was too horrifying ... trust me ....
just look at last weeks blogs ... i shudder to think about it !
and you now what ... I love it , best cut ever  !
quick, cheap effective , took 20 minutes on a saturday morning whilst aaron ran errands with erik  ... and the diy hair dye, easy peasy 30 mins in the bathroom on a friday night then cuddles on the couch with hubby , feeling beautiful !
because honestly , trying to find a babysitter just to I can get my hair done is the hardest part of all  .... and I certainly wasnt going to "bring him into the salon, " like the bimbo at one hair dressers suggested .... I think she should be fired just for suggesting it .... she obviously doesnot have kids and maybe she deserves to have her salon totally trashed by a bored and destructive  toddler !
so after all of that ,
 trying to find baby sitters,
booking/cancelling appointments,
spending 15 minutes in the cosmetics isle holding two pretty much identical boxes of haircolour in my hands looking absolutly overwhelmed until a bystander suggests the lighter brown ...
by the way, thankyou kind sir for your pointed advice ... it looks quite nice !
and eventually deciding whats the point, I just wont bother ... ill blend in well at davoren park !
im very proud of my diy colour and simple cut .... no fancy head massage or deliciouse smelling shampoo to accompany the trashymagazines at the salon
but I feel pretty ..... and that should be all that counts
next year for my birthday I am definalty going to the fancy salon ... maybe if I start saving now I wont feel so guilty in 12 months lol , or would they mind if I paid in gold coins ???
and I saved about $100.oo .... so im am treating the family to dinner out tonight :)

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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