Spiders, Worms and Frogs .... oh my !

Spiders, Worms and Frogs ... Oh my !

its that beautiful time of year again, where I prep the vegetable garden for another years planting and  rich harvest ! ...
 safe to say my few months off from weeding and gardening duties has left me somewhat unprepared to encounter  the creatures I found in my garden today ....

Big juicy thick wriggling worms wish every shovel full of rich soil ( thank god Erik was having a nap by this stage because I would have had a hard time keeping him from eating them ) .. I've never been so proud to have worms in my garden ! worms love good soil so my soil must be amazing .... I was getting 15-20 worms in each shovel full of soil !

spiders ... the camouflaged, medium sized, quick as lightning kind .... certainly keep me on my toes, second guessing even piece of dirt that moves ... last thing I want is a garden spider escaping into my gumboot :(  ... not a fan of these at all but I'm in their back yard and when you live in the country its just something you have to get use to !

and then , as I'm just about to put my pitch fork down into a  hole I see a fist sized lump of dirt roll into the hole .... thank god  I double checked before slamming the fork into the ground ... otherwise I would have probably killed this little guy ......

meet our resident garden frog  ... I think he must have been living in the strawberry patch before I disturbed him !

 he hopped off into the bushes ... safe and sound !
and whilst these creatures scared me out of my skin nearly half a dozen times today , I wouldn't have them anywhere else ... I love that they call my garden home !!!

Hope your enjoying the winter sunshine
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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