Short and Sweet ....

Short and Sweet ..... Thursday morning,
what to do on a beautiful day, when you have already checked off your list for the day by 8am and you have done your make up ( no point wasting a pretty face ) 
  .... you take the little Mr to the park of course  :)
and then off to my happy place "blond coffee" for a catch up with Nana ... a short but sweet way to spend Thursday morning !
it was just what I needed ! ... and a perfect excuse for  showing of my new red manicure ( DIY, thank you OPI )

Blond Coffee Angaston ... the most amazing atmosphere ,
I believe coffee shops should have space , theres nothing I hate more than a tiny crammed coffee shop that so hot you want to strip off the second you are in there ... blond is huge, spread out , but still comfortable .... they  do the best Soy Chai EVER and they have highchairs with is always a bonus .... my happy place
, this is where I would love to spend every Sunday curled up one one of the plush red couches reading and drinking Belgian hot chocolates and soy chais if it wasn't always full of tourists on weekends :(
oh and hardwood floors .... I believe a coffee shop is not complete with out hardwood floors and some exposed brick work lol 

Erik eating brownies ... reading Barossa Living ... being all cultured hehe
and despite a major tantrum at the park because Erik wanted to go on the big boys slide and I wouldn't let him .... it was lovely experience
 and just so you know the big slide is bigger than me , as in I'm not even going on it..... so mister 18 months going on 8 was obviously not allowed to go on it either ..
he did not like this .... he did not like it one bit ... and for anyone watching "south aussie with cosi" you will probably hear my toddler screaming in the back round as they were trying to film in the main street whilst Erik was having his melt down ....
and even through the screaming I felt myself falling in love with the barossa all over again, with the absolute beauty of it , especially in winter , I fell in love with the antique shops, the fancy cheese store .. the sights and smells , the casual hellos from people walking by ....the country atmosphere ...
in those moments I am so thankful my parents decided to build a house on a dead end street right next to a vineyard in Lyndoch ,
so thank full that they chose Lyndoch primary and then Nuriootpa high school ,
 so thank full for the violin lessons that opened so many doors ...
 and so unbelievably thankfully that I fell in love with a local boy and we started out life together in the Barossa Valley ....
 theres absolutely no where else I would rather be !
my Barossa Valley ... my home !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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