our love story ... part 1 .... the meeting

Our love story .... did not start out as a fairy tale ..... it started out as any high school sweet heart story might .... with an unrequited crush on a bad boy !

Actual picture of my time table  taken from my year 8 scrapbook

My friend beck and I had been separated on different school camps for a week so on the Monday morning we were reunited we had lots to talk about ... mostly boys .... OK she mostly talked I listened, I didn't have much exciting news !
Beck always made friends easily with guys and girls she was so easy going and confident and secretly I coveted that confidence ....
She had made lots of new friends on camp , mostly guys ... and wanted to introduce me to a few.

Terror struck ...
In year 8 you are kind of terrified, I had gone from a school of 130 kids where we all new each other , and our parents, and grandparents ..
To suddenly 800 kids ... of whom I knew about 20 ...
Safe to say I stuck to the 20 I knew !

"Come on hes really nice ... you ll get along ...." she said and I reluctantly agreed to go meet these new friends of hers
I was under no dis allusions that she was trying to fix me up with any of them ... I can admit I wasn't that prettiest girl in year 8 , I was awkward, with glasses and curly scraggy  hair that never did as I wished .... in short I was quite the ugly duckling ... OK maybe an ugly troll ... 
Anyway ... if they didn't laugh at me or give me another horrendous nickname ... the introduction would be a success ... I told myself  as we made our way over to the front of the school .
Beck and I walk up to a group of guys and she start to chat to one in particular ... I keep my eyes firmly on my shoes
" Shona ... this is Gatesy " she says
I raise my head  and say a fake confident " hi" ....
" hi"   he replies with a cocky grin

hes cute ..... not the hottest guy at school but his crooked smile has already captured my attention, how did I not notice him before ....?
baggy jeans
baseball cap
rough hands
big clear green/blue eyes
thick eyebrows
tall .... no hair ....
OMG no hair ... his head is shaved under the baseball cap ...

( this is quite a change most boys at our school who prefer the rock n roll messed up long locks ... you know the ones , the hairstyle they want you to think they just rolled out of bed, but that they actually spent 20 minutes on carefully constructing a dishevelled mess ! )

I don't know why , but his shaved head makes me giggle .... he looks at me funny when I start laughing , but it makes me a bit more comfortable , this guy really  doesn't care how he looks instead of pretending not to care !
as all three of us talk ... I cant even remember what about .. I relax... for the first time around a boy I just relax, its easy

I'm not staring at my shoes, or fiddling with my hair , I'm not self conscious about my glasses or my chubby tummy  etc
I'm just relaxed,
 I'm me,
 I feel no need to impress...
because lets face it hes never going to be impressed

he is easy to get along with, it will be good to have a friend that's a guy ....just a friend
maybe if we hang out I can get some practice talking to guys and then ill be better and I can talk to the guy I have a crush on instead of just looking at them !

his shaved head still makes me giggle ... it just seems so out of place in our generation !
the bell rings and we all head to different classes

I'm surprisingly upbeat, I'm laughing, cracking jokes I even have the nerve to tell a jerk in our science class to get his head out of his arse  when he is making wisecracks ...I feel good... walking on sunshine and all that stuff !

2 classes later, I realise why I'm not concentrating on my algebra ....

.........  my thoughts are somewhere else

 ..... somewhere else ....  on a boy ....
 { Want to read more ? }


xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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