I Have a Husband Who ...

I Have a Husband who ...

  • always kisses me good night
  • makes me laugh .... alot ... till it hurts
  • knows the importance of cuddles ... especially in public
  • puts out the rubbish everyweek without being asked or reminded
  • playes chasey with  his son for hours
  • makes me smile
  • brings me dozens of lemons instead of flowers ( he knows me very well )
  • knows my fears, inside and out .. supports me and encourages me to work through them !
  • always says yes to an outing ... unless its IKEA , he hates that place !
  • supports free range parenting and helps keep the disciplin consistent
  • does not eat fruits or vegetables except potatoes and carrots  ... I am working on this, slowly !
  • is a mechanic .... this comes in very handy !
  • has agreed to let me get chickens !!!! .... this alone should get him husband of the year award !
  • gives his son a bath and a bedtime story every night
  • works his arse  off everyday so that I can be home with erik .. I will never be able to thank him enough for this !
  • insists on only shaving his face for special occasions
  • stayed with me my entire labour and was the first person to hold our son
  • supports my decision
  • I dont argue with .... we have "constructive discussions" about solving problems !
  • puts on funny voices for erik to make him laugh
  • loves cars, but loves us more
  • I get up for everymorning,
  • I bake cookies for everyweek
  • still gives me butterflies when he kisses me
  • I get up early and make bacon and eggs for every morning
  • is happy to do late night chocolate run trips for me
  • makes me feel beautiful and loved every single day
  • who supports my dreams and ambitions ... even my blogging ( which for some reason he always says in a russian accent ?? )
  • who gets involved with the family budget
  • makes me home made cards for mothersday, birthdays and valentines day etc ... stick figure drawings included !
  • watches pretty little liars with me ... under sufferance... but he knows I appreciate  it !
  • is the best daddy erik could every ask for
  • and the best husband a girl could ever hope for
I love this man with all of my heart, he understands me, he makes me feel beautiful ... and most importantly I know he loves me ! he shows me he loves me every day in the little things he does !

I know I am ridiculously lucky to have this man in my life !

x Aaron x


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