Yankaninna 2013 June Long Weekend

Yankaninna trip 2013 June long weekend

about 20 years ago my very outdoorsy parents took me camping in the harsh but beautiful Flinders ranges in SA .... we camped by a creek on a station called Yankaninna .....I remember only bits and pieces of our trip  .... but the landscape has forever been imprinted on my heart

June long weekend 2013 ... my parents arrive at my house at 4am to collect myself and Erik .... its a 8 hour drive to yankaninna station ( about 1 hour from Leigh creek) where my uncle Greg is currently the station owner ,
we are having a huge family holiday , mum dad, myself ,Erik, grandma, grandpa, dads sister DI and her partner Pete and Greg and his kids Laura and Phil .... not every one can make it  ,but those of us that can are sure to make some epic memories ...

my hubby did not join us ... he used the long weekend to visit his brother in roxby ( something he does not get to do very often)

8 hours later we arrive at yanka ... its changed .. alot .... its now used as base camp for the operation flinders incentive... which is a wonderful program to help turn around the lived of youths at risk ... to read more about operation flinders click here ..

instead of a rickety old station house and shearers quarters, there are new accommodations, a shower and toilet block ( the showers were amazing btw) solar power, a washing machine, fridges and even a fancy coffee machine .... this is a bit fancy for me .... I prefer real camping, dirty , smelly ... pee in the bush camping !  every time I go to the toilets there is a huge mirror .... its like wow .. oh god no ... I look horrible .... go put some make up on ! ! !

 I like my camping mirror less ... guiltless ... cringless !

for the next three days we explore ... we remember .... we reflect

its so silent out there, so still , so perfect , sitting around a campfire at the base of the mountains feeling totally insignificant and yet so epic at the same time

climbing to the top of a steep ridge .. takes your breath away in more ways than one

watching Erik chase the goats , make rock piles and play with sticks makes me so happy ... I packed toys, books, crayons etc .... but hes not interested , he would much rather sit in the dirt and stack rocks ... this makes my heart soar to see my little man so content !

 erik absolutely loved the motorbikes .. he spent most of the trip watching them or trying to sneak of to touch them ... cheeky !

we visit and abandoned copper mine .. its beautiful, creepy and sad at the same time , to think a town existed here that was pulled apart after the mine closed, but that the mine remains and looks as if people just put their tools down and never came back
Its . the same place we visited over 20 years ago, I remember it ... we take photos in the same poses as 18 month old me did !  and my grandpa, famous for his ( long term) memory tells us all about the town and the history behind the mine


the views at the TOM CAT look out is incredible ... 360 views of the entire goat valley that take your breath away  it feel like I'm standing on top of the world ... 
pictures will never be able to capture the beauty or the vastness of the mountains , it feels like the roll on forever ... and in these moments you reallies just how big this country is !



and of course the station house, Douglas Hut ... the oldest log cabin in the southern hemisphere .... its amazing ... I want to move there... like right now  !
its old, really old ... and you can tell that , but its what makes it beautiful , \\
low ceilings, wood stove, concrete/dirt floors, big harvest style kitchen table, tiny windows with gingham curtains which over look the mountains and  even a traditional bread oven ... take me back to the days of kerosene lamps, corsets and hard work any day !


 and uncle greg ( who will never really grow up ) laura n phil  throwing fire crackers into the fire all night long scaring us nealty to death on regular intervals

and great grandpa taking erik for walks around the station telling him all about the goats and the eagles etc
it was the little things that made this trip so special ...
I'm not saying it was easy ... and it certainly wasn't a holiday ( it was exhausting) but we got threw it despite Erik cutting 4 big teeth , pooping 8 times more than normal a day and one mumma melt down late at night when Erik wouldnt go to sleep and I was missing aaron  !
we did it .... we came home, happy, exhausted, dirty, smelly but very content !
thank you uncle Greg for your hospitality , thank you to mum and dad for your endless support and putting up with me threw my meltdown, and thank you to my 80 year old grandparents, for just reminding me how special it is to appreciate what you have :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx




  1. That was beautiful dear. It reminds me that Dad & I have been wonderful parents to endure some things just for the experience and the memory. LOVe YOU BEING In MY WORLD. Precious SHONA xxxx


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