dangerously delicious cookies ....

ive tried alot of cookie recipes .... and I do mean alot ,
 some get thrown into the bin, some get spat out , some my husband endures but advises me not to bake again and some dont even make it to the oven ......
that was until I found this recipe !
Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies..... from sallys baking addiction blog
they are heaven in a cookie .. absolutly addictingly deliciouse and definatly require a glass of fresh full cream milk to accompanie their sinful goodness ....
the recipe is simple, basic ingredience but done in a way to maintain the chewy cookie dough texture that so many of us love  and  any one who has tried one of these bad boys at playgroups or morning teas lately knows exactly what im talking about .... they are amazing !
they are not healthy, they are sugerfulled little bites of sin  .... and they certainly do not last very long in our house hold :)
sallys recipes are so well explained and tried and tested I feel as though every time I try one I am learning something new ...
 needless to say I hold her very much responsible for my passionate return to baking .... and my husband has alot to thank her for too hehe
so heres the link you have all been waiting for ...... your welcome !
I like to make a 2 batches at a time and freeze in lots of 12 prerolled cookies ... that way every sunday I get out a pack and cook them ready for aarons snacks over the week ,
having them pre prepared and chilled means that if you have a last minute morning tea invite , 12 minutes in the oven and you are good to go with homebaked goodies !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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