cheesecake, blueberries and my undying love of Big W !

first lets get a few things straight .... I'm a Big W kind of girl when it comes to the basics ....
yes I love my Burberry scarf, my designer trench coat and my Steve Madden high heels ....
but pretty much everything else in my wardrobe is from Big W
why .... because Big W is for women like me , women who cant afford to and who  don't want to spend $80 a pair of jeans , or $30 for a plain t-shirt .. or $20 for a pair of basic flats
Big W understands that the basics shouldn't be hugely expensive , especially with kids stuff ( although I do have to say kmart is even cheaper sometimes )
Big W makes nappies affordable at $16.00 a box instead of over $30 for a box of huggies
Big W is where I can shop without feeling guilty for a new pair of jeans or a top, because its affordable ... Big W keeps the basics cheap so I can save up for the other things I want ... like hunter gumboots and Tiffany earings  !
so yeah I'm a mum that wears $8.00 jeans with $5.00 flats and a $7.00 belt .... and I can still pull it of without looking cheap .. I think !
I dont need to shop at david jones, cue or witchery to look nice and feel beautiful !
I love big w , I adore Kmart , I entertain target .... I deliberately do not go into Myers ( unless I have a gift card lol )
so here's a sample of my big w out fit .... everything from big w , except the cardigan which is second hand :)
and yes these $8.00 jeans are the most amazing jeans I have ever owned , my bum looks good they fit well and the are flattering around my tummy \muffin top

and then ....

 my little monkey took the blueberries I had defrosting on the sink and ate half the packet watching TV before I realised .... so Nana's birthday cake had to be a mixed berry cheesecake instead !
it was Delicious , Jamie Oliver base , Donna Hay middle and  the extra love from x  free range mumma x
 x Happy Birthday Mum x
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. That was cute & Adorable I just finished that cheesecake .It was extra tasty because of the love thank you. sorry for stuffing up your hair plans !!!! Xxx


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