whats the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery ....

a good friend asked me this the other day  as we were talking about money problems ....
" whats the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery ..... " she asked
I thought about it for a second and then blurted out 
" a pair of Hunter gumboots in... every colour "
she stares at me for a second ..... " gumboots, really .... not a ferrari , or a new house "
" yep ... its the only thing im really lusting over at the moment "
shes still staring at me funny, but we move on to other topics
later at home , erik is having a nap, I am sipping hot chocolate cozied up on the lounge after scrubbing the bathroom  and I start thinking ..... "what would I do if I won the lottery "
 ..... if I Had to spend a few million, I probably could, ....
I'd buy my dream farm house,
put a range rover in the shed
take a trip around the world
have a room just for my life time supply of gumboots and OPI nail polish

but really ..... I am very happy with what ive got , we have a house, which we are slowing turning in to our own, we have 2 cars that we both love, our washing machine works, the hot watersystem hasnt blown up yet, we can pay our bills ( just) our little boy is happy and healthy ......
we are happy,
 happy with our simple life, with our three bed room one bathroom house, with our second hand furniture and handmade decor
so yes if wwe won the lottery, Im sure I could spend it .... but at the moment I'm very content being broke but happy ....
and aaron has promised to get me a pair of hunter gumboots for my birthday :)
life is perfect !!!
broke but happy
XXX Free Range Mumma XXX


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