What I Wore ... Windy Cold Monday

What I wore ... Monday
hubby took the day off and we went to our amazing dentist and then out to lunch,
 aunt sian looked after Erik ( she even used cloth nappies , very proud)
  and we had a lovely but cold day out !
being a mum doesn't mean you immediately have to let you self go and begin wearing sweatpants all day every day  ,
 its just as easy to put jeans and flats, or in this case leggings and boots on ....
 I'm not saying high heels and diamonds to go to the supermarket, but people do take notice when you put a bit of effort into your outfit
practical mummy fashion doesn't need to be boring or uncomfortable ....

cute easy warm cosy ... cheap !
leggings, black mini skirt so no one Can see my knickers through the leggings
Emerson boots $18.00 winter staples
boot socks from ICE $6.00
infinity scarf from Rubi $5.00
cardigan , jay jays .... have had for over 10 years
white shirt, Kmart $5.00
XXX Free Range Mumma XXX


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