The Guide to all things " Modern Cloth Nappy"

  YAY .....This is my official  Free Range Mumma guide to everything MCN !!!

in case you haven't realised by my obvious enthusiasm ... I love cloth nappies.... yep I know I'm a little bit crazy ... but I do !
I love using them , seeing them all nice and clean hanging on my washing line, I love folding them all at night and stacking them in his draw... and I love the awed look on other mums faces when I tell them
" oh yes ... I love using cloth nappies ... we use them every day "
OK, so usually they look at me like im  crazy for a second..... then pity me, because I'm obviously to poor to afford disposables and then finally curious when I explain why I use them and how much I love them !

so why do I use them ......

obviously to be a trendy mum...
 you know the ones ,with the cloth nappies, who can shop in the organic section, who actually does all the crafts and baking  she pins on pinterest , who's kids will eat spinach .... you know "Super MUM"  
haha I wish !
to save money .... yes ( if you are smart about it ) they can save you heaps of money  !
to stop filling my rubbish  bin with smelly disposables
because they are so much cuter than disposables ... the patterns are adorable , soft warm, cosy and perfect !
to be a more sustainable old fashioned family
I only started using cloth nappies when Erik was about 4 months old (so I cant vouch for new born usage) but he is now 18 months old and apart from one lot of gastro  and 2 viruses which messed up his system we have used cloth nappies every day :)
we use a disposable at night because he is a very very heavy night time wetter ... but other than that its cloth all the way ....  which means we only have to buy a box of nappies once every 3 months  instead of every fortnight :)
yes to start with it took a bit more organisation, patience etc but after a month I felt pretty pro about it !
 and yes ... my hubby is supportive and even scrubs poo too !

so here's the down low on my cloth nappy "kit"

these are the basics , disposable wipes, talcum powder and  flushable bamboo liners, cloth wipes and antibacterial cloth wipe solution all from CushieTushies
we also have a all natural  nappy rash cream , but its not in the basics because we have hardly ever used it
we use the cloth wipes and solution for no 1s and the disposable wipes for no 2s
the flushable liners sit in the nappies and are especially useful for no 2s as you just flush the mess and the liner and put the nappy in a soaking bucket ... no poo scrubbing !
This is a wet bag "cushie tushie toffee apple design"
It's a water proof bag for putting soiled nappies when out... very very handy !
i have two which ( apple print and girraffe print ) so   I  can rotate when washing , they fold up small to put in your hand bag and most have a strap so you can attach it to a pram of nappy bag when its holding nappies
 no cloth nappy kit is complete with out at least one of these  

 The Nappies

I have 3 different kinds of nappies, but there are many more available
red = these little beauties are from My Little Ripple they have double snaps are adjustable from new born to toilet training and come with one very absorbent bamboo liner ....these are my favourite !
and they are only $7.00 ea
green = these were my very first bunch of MCNs , I picked up a lot of 12 second hand for 25 bucks... they have been used by 3 kids before Erik and they still do a fantastic job... I double line these ( 2 bamboo inserts)  as I use them for nap times and car trips, the minky fabric is super cute and warm in winter :)
unknown brand
apples = these are the cushie tushie brand chameleon nappy ... I love the patterns on these but I'm glad I only got two and not a full time set of these because my husband cant deal with the complicated inners and liners .... super cute, but not husband friendly in my case
 about $38.00 each

Pocket VS Snap In

so theres basically 2 types of mcns, a pocket and a snap in
a pocket nappy puts the liner inside a pocket in the nappy where as the snap in has the liner resting on the inside of the nappy

the thick bamboo liner goes inside the pocket at the back of the nappy, i prefer this because theres less places for poo to hide and have to be scrubbed out and its less complicated for husbands to figure out

but you do have to master the art of getting the liner in the pocked and positioned right ... this takes a few practice runs !
Snap in

Nappy outer, bamboo liner, extra bamboo liner ( needed)
 the snap in mcns have press studs inside the nappy lining as well which you snap the liner in to  and then add the extra liner if needed
there is also a " poo explosion" barrier or "poo pocket" at the back of the nappy  which Ive found doesn't really stop the poo ... just more places for it to hide ... and you to clean
I know some people love this nappy ... but its not for me , i just wish these patterns came in pocket nappies !
I also use flushable liners when Erik is teething/ sick and when we are going out , the liner just sits on top of the nappy between the fabric and the skin and catches any messes, when you take the nappy of you just put the liner and the mess in the toilet and then the nappy can be soaked and washed
especially handy when your out !
So how do i clean a MCN
oh no ... I think some one has wee weed
a wet nappy should be removed from the child and placed in a wet bag if out or dismantled and put in a pail if home ,  by dismantled i mean pull out/ un snap and separate  the pads  ....
now some companies say not to soak the nappies some say its fine .... i keep my nappies in a dry bucket in my laundry until the end of the day then i soak over night in a vinegar and water mix before washing ... they seem to be fine

oh dear god ..... I smell a poo poo !
 remove nappy and mess from child,
try not to gag
 flush liner and mess down the toilet
 take nappy to laundry and if necessary rinse any left over mess from the nappy
sometimes depending on the mess I use a natural stain remover spray to give the nappy a bit of a scrub clean
rinse and put in bucket with other nappies
when the bucket is full or when you add messy nappies to the mix its time to soak them
I use half a bucket of  water and a cup of vinegar
I don't know exactly why this works, but it seems to deodorise, soften and pre wash the nappies
I wash my nappies every second day
 I have about 20 nappies so I hardly every run out and can afford to wash every second day with ease,
your situation may require more or less washing.... with a very active toddler I find I am washing his clothes, sheets etc every second day anyway, so cloth nappies has not increased out washing schedule dramatically as one might expect  !
I don't use any specially detergents or anything just my normal plaant based ones,  but I do make sure to never use fabric softer or wash them with my husbands greasy work clothes , as fabric softer, grease and oils can affect the absorbency of the nappies
MCNs are best dried on an out side washing line in the sun , the sun helps to sterilise and bleach the nappies .... and they look pretty darn cute all hanging on the line
dryers are fine too , but check with your nappy brand care instructions to see what they recommend, not all are the same
also when you get your brand new cloth nappies its important to wash them a few times before you use them to make the bamboo or microfiber liners more absorbent, the more you use them the better they get
iIhope this has helped some possible MCN mummas and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will endeavour to answer them as best as possible :)
 not every one is going to like modern cloth Nappy's or cloth Nappy's in general... some people get grossed out by it or cant wrap their head around it ... don't let it faze you ... you are brave and amazing for trying this !
 buy one nappy from a brand first and try it before committing to the full package, or mix and match, I have a friend who has an array of nappies from itti bitti and Attinaps and she loves them all for different reasons and uses
Velcro, press studs, pocket, snaps, bamboo, microfiber.... do what works for you !
the only right way... is the way that works for you !
you do have to change the nappies slightly more than a disposable, but i  think this is a good thing as it keeps bub fresh and clean !
the $40 nappy might be a fantastic nappy ... but its not the only option.... if your just starting out, try a cheaper one first to make sure you can cope with the commitment before spending $800.00 on a set
cheaper nappies are just as good as the expensive ones, i love all my nappies and they have only cost me about 70 bucks for 20 ish nappies !!!
be smart, maybe you cant commit to everyday wear, maybe you just want to use them for days at home, or maybe you just want a few spare in the cupboard for the times you run out of disposables and hubby has taken the car to work ....  all of these options are still a step in the right direction.... do what works for you ... and refuse to feel guilty or inadequate !!!

take as many photos of your bubba in their adorable nappies as possible .... so much cuter than a disposable :)
Free Range Mumma


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  2. Hi aliah Thankyou for your comment and the link, the minky colours are super cute :-) Free Range Mumma

  3. Great article! I made the mistake of buying up big in a expo special only to find that they were not the best fit for my first (but perfect for the 2nd). Great idea to check with one first then go from there.


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