Sunday ....

 Sunday..... without the sun in our case .... overcast and windy .... and freezing !

the perfect excuse for a lazy, cosy, happy Sunday !
Erik is having a lovely 3 hour nap, Aaron is out at a friends place, the chores are done .... so I am having some mummy time :)

ah country style magazine.... you inspire me !

planing ambitious mouth watering meal plans for the week

admiring my sexy new car
and occasionally sneaking into Erik's room and watching him sleeping peacefully.. with a ridiculous smile on my face

and taking selfies... which shows up my ranga roots .... going to colour my hair asap !
enjoying these few moments of peace, between meals,cleaning,  dishes, toddlers and husbands to just sit back an appreciate everything I have and were I am today !
I love my life
I love Sundays
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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