Practical Mummy Fashion ... Saturday Night BBQ

OK ... practical and fashionable don't usually enter the same sentence ...
 but in my case they have to ...
 because I'm a mum...
but I like to look pretty  too :)
so here's what I wore to a BBQ Saturday Night
( showcasing hubbys photography skills lol )
black leggings for comfort... so I don't have to hold up the back of my jeans every time I bend over or squat down to pick up Erik
black skirt over leggings... so no one can see my knickers through my leggings .. take note women of Elizabeth !!!
loose white and black striped top ... loose so I don't have to worry about my belly .... striped because when all else fails wear stripes ... stripes are awesome.. and they make me feel very french, which is always good !
boots .... winter must have, I have had this pair of boots 8 years ... so comfy, so cute , much easier to chase after a toddler in than actual heels
scarf.... because its cute... and its mustard , who doesn't love a pop of mustard in Autumn !
and pearls ... I don't think I need to explain this one .. pearls make any outfit classy :)
hubby was looking especially handsome ... he shaved .. yes this is a big deal !
obligatory selfie

 just before we left Erik tipped his drink bottle out and played in it blowing bubbles .... this kid grr ..., moving on

But it doesnt matter how cute you dress if your toddler is in a demon mood , Erik wouldnt go to sleep and was up till midnight, I missed out on dinner because we had to eat in shifts to keep Erik amused.. and my feet were killing me from chasing after him all night ( rethinking the boot heels ) but all in all ...
we had a lovely night .... comfy but cute :)
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx



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