Memories that will last a lifetime .....

When my kids grown up , and have kids of their own hopefully they will remember more than I phones, face book and PlayStation.... I hope they will have really amazing memories of their childhood ,
 a childhood spend, dirty, outdoors and happy
and that's why I believe so strongly in free range parenting , so that in 20 years my son will look back and appreciate the simple childhood he had.
... full of memories experiences and opportunities ....
 not things !
memories, I hope to give him by experiencing these things .....
  •  picking organic fruit from a traditional orchard
  • then going home and making pies and tarts with the fruit
  •  visit wildlife parks, farms , zoos etc ... to see animals in real life not just on TV
  •  raise chickens and spend mornings collecting eggs
  •  go camping ... lots
  • bonfires, marshmallow's and hot chocolate on freezing winter nights
  • pancakes on a Sunday morning, with strawberries, cream and traditional Canadian maple syrup ... OK now I'm drooling !
  • spending hours in the sandpit, digging to china and building castles
  • waiting for it to rain so we can jump in muddy puddles
  • summers spend swimming at the beach , Vac Swim lessons every morning
  • picnics ... lots of picnics , rain hail or shine !
  • Sunday roasts with the works, Yorkshire puddings and all
  • spending summer afternoons playing  under the sprinkler in the back yard
  • epic water balloon fights, boys vs girls, kids vs adults, etc
  • bubble baths
  • bed time stories
  • rolling down grassy hills
  • dancing like a superstar
  • play doh ....
  • eating fresh home made bread straight from the oven
  • experiencing the snow... first snow man , first snow ball fight
  • home made traditional lemonade
  •  swimming in natural springs, waterfalls and creeks whilst travelling
  • museums art galleries and exhibit
  • surprise treasure hunts
  • amazing themed birthday party's ... your only a kid once
  • black and white movie night ( cow boys and Indians )  with pop corn and pizza 
  • dress ups .... lots of dress ups
  • spending time with grandparents
  • always being out doors
  • going to the beach in winter
  • swimming in the rain
  • leaving cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas eve and some carrots for the reindeer
  • go go-karting
  • learn to ride a motorbike
  • learn to shoot
  • have an amazing cubby house/ fort where imaginations can run wild
  • learn to bake and cook  ... licking the bowl and spoon clean
and the most important memory I want them to have
... is that they are loved , every single day !
we love you so much !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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