I do .... in black and white

3rd November 2012

Ellie Goulding, the writer .... our song,
I dont remember any of the words .....
I remember his smile and his strong hands holding mine
You may kiss the bride ...
MR and MRS Gates
we were laughing all day long
Aarons grooman Tim, kept us in fits of laughter all day
we had so much fun
our beautiful boy was so happy all day

he crawled/danced the night away
hes mine ... finally my husband ... I couldnt get the smile off my face
All my hard work had paid off, we had a beautiful wedding
our "crazy family" photo
I Shona Smithson call upon all present to bear witness as I say my vows ...

 Aaron from this day forward I choose you to be my lawful husband.
To live with you and laugh with you.
 To stand by your side and sleep In your arms .
 I promis to laugh with you in good times and struggle with you in bad.
 To wipe your tears with my hand and comfort you with my body
I promis to commit myself to you for the rest of my life

 Xoxo I love you Aaron xoxo forever and Always xoxo
my dream dress
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx



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