gumboots, picnics, slippery dips .... perfect thursday morning :)

 Erik and I have had a lovely Thursday morning ....
 it just flowed, for some reason it was easy, comfortable and fun ...maybe it was the sunshine :)
maybe its about being bare footed on the grass ..... being bare foot is good for the soul !
maybe it was a good night sleep 
maybe he just knew mummy's had a big few days and needs a easy morning, so he has been perfect .... letting me take a million photos, listening to NO, trying different foods, giving me kisses and little pats on the back .... he is perfect
or maybe it was because the best days happen when you have no expectations ......
all I know is this kind of morning doesn't usually happen without at least one of the following.... tantrum, poo explosion, refusal to get dressed, refusal to pose for pictures, keeps running down the drive way trying to escape, whiny need for cuddles etc ....
so today I am just going to go with it, and appreciate what I've got :)
it was a gumboot wearing kind of morning at our house
we cuddled,  watched cartoons, ate porridge and mummy drank hot chocolate ...
but the sun and fresh mowed lawn was beckoning us to the yard ....
 so I scooped up the picnic blanket , water bottles and some snacks ... oh and the camera ... and we headed to the back yard for a hour or two
first erik just ran around in circles on the lawn for a while ( like usual ), purposly falling over every second lap to laugh at himself ... silly sausage !
then he found the play equptment .. 

 The first  time he climbed up all by him self and  then ...slid down without any help

this was repeated about 30 times before he needed a break and a drink
snack time , he had to taste test every thing, banna, apple, pop corn, corn chips, cheese, grissini sticks
 didnt really eat anything ... still.... I' m proud of him trying new things !

"strong man", no leaks drink bottle from "cotton on kids"

" the moustache made me do it " my drink bottle from TYPO

then time for some more, running, falling, laughing, stick collecting, ant chasing, grass picking fun :)


Eriks Happiness makes me Happy :)
and isnt being happy what its all about !
Happy Thursday
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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