Camping with a toddler

 Free Range Family Camping Trip
yesterday night at about 5.00 we pulled in to the drive way ( in a very very filthy4WD ), muddy, sandy, dirty, smokey, exhausted but completely content and happy !
we survived our first camping trip as a family :) 
 yep, freezing cold nights, changing nappys on the tailgate
 and peeing in the bush is all part of the excitement !
Aaron and I are campers, we love the outdoors and camping played a big part in both our childhoods, so we want to make sure Erik gets to experience that too !
he loved it , every dirty minute of it,
 he loved the lumps and bumps going over the sand hills in the car, loved the dirt and sticks, eating biscuits covered in sand, sleeping with mummy and daddy all cosy in the tent ... (it was a cuddle fest ) loved roaming free and exploring all that the bush had to offer !
and even if he is too young to remember this as he gets older.... we have heaps of pictures to show him ...

letting the tyres down to get over the sand dunes easier

these eyes melt my heart :)

SA-VIC boarder track 4WD track Narkat National Park

selfies at the lookout

look at my sexy chin .... im so pretty ( sarcasm)

playing in the tent

gotta love a camp fire, and the billy tea :)

it was freezing... as in, I'm wearing about 4 layers freezing

waking up to watch the sunrise, coffee bacon and eggs was a great start to the day

building god only knows what... but hes having fun

a good example of some of the technical driving attempted

grubby little monster feet

mud and sand

some of my fondest childhood memories are of camping trips with my family , I am very excited to start making some of those memories with my own little family
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


  1. I love you love hearing that you appreciate the cheap childhood we totally love being with our kids xxxx


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