Baby Boys Nursery ... guided tour !

 A guided tour of my son Erik's room :)

a work in progress...
view from the hall way

our house may be small but the rooms are large, certainly alot larger than most kids rooms, so (hopefully) we have made the most of the space .... still need some storage ideas for toys, and better truck "Parking' but we are getting there .... little bits of motivation here and there :)

hand painted letters for his door, DIY by yours truly
view from the window
white wardrobe from Aaron's childhood, soft toys on top of wardrobe, wooden chest of drawers from fantastic furniture

Erik letters, from TYPO

Erik's first painting takes main place on the wall ...  I am yet to frame it, but its up at least
1st finger painting .... so proud

these two pictures, I painted  for Erik before he was born, money was tight so  painted them and framed them from the dollar store.... i still love them :)

my amazing cot .... second hand of course ... its a boori country collection cot ...
( ridiculously expensive and something I would never be able to afford) but mum wanted a cot for her house so she brought us this one second hand for $200 and she took his old one .... its beautiful and very easy to use ... I love it !

the bunting I made myself from some material and cooking twine, we made it for Erik's 1st birthday which had a country fair theme... I loved it so much I had to use it in Erik's room

yes we have way too many toys

Erik's "sleep over " bag from cotton on kids

under cot storage, fordable boxes from ikea...
 these store all of his blankets and sheet sets
I am so proud of this room because I think it represents our family perfectly...
bright, bold, second hand, well loved, neat, easygoing, warm, vintage....a work in progress
defiantly a work in progress so watch this space ... :)
I wish my camera could capture the memories I have of this room,
1st baths,
nights I slept on his play couch next to the cot whilst he had a temperature,
 family cuddles on the floor at 4;30 in the morning....
 the first time iIcaught him with his nappy off playing in poo,
stacking blocks and unstacking over and over and over again....
 or the times I am still colouring little hearts and flowers long after Erik has left the room to play with something else .....
 I will hold on to these memories, forever !
I love this little man more than words could ever say !
Free Range Mumma




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