Vintage 2013

 Vintage 2013, Barossa Valley

Nuriootpa, Vintage Festival Parade and town day 2013
please excuse poor quality phone pictures  
The streets are lined with people young and old, picnic baskets and esky's clutter the foot path, the smell of bacon and egg sandwiches, fresh ground coffee beans and hot cinnamon donuts wafts through the parade goers, childed duck and weave through the crowds to find their friends and you can hear the occasional pop of a cork of a champagne bottle  ( its 9;30 btw)
and this is why I absolutely love where I live


^ this is a picture of "the Grape's of Ross" float... they make the most amazing wines for a small local business ... a must try if you are ever in the area :)
Every two years the entire Barossa community gathers over a week to attend vintage celebrations, ending in a huge town parade.... there is nothing quite like the memoriesIi hold of vintage festivals...
Town Bands playing, Children Waving, Amazing community floatd passing by , handing out fruit, lollies, tennis balls, goodie bags .... they walk all the way from Nuriootpa to Tanunda  ( some even in high heels )
 eye catching floats range from bikes and horses right through to huge trucks and live stock....
oh .... and every one is pissed ....
the people on the floats, the people watching, the people walking next to the floats have a glass of wine in each hand.....
because we are celebrating ..... VINTAGE IS OVER !!!

 vintage in the barossa to me means....
  exhaustion, night shifts, long days, no social life,
 hard work= easy money,
 the smell of  left over wine pulp... positively stinking out the entire valley,
 wives and children who do not see their husbands for weeks on end....
the entire valley goes quite for at least 3 months.... everyone is tired every one is exhausted....
 every one is counting down the days till freedom when the season is over !
so we celebrate .... once every two years  ( due to logistics it cannot be held every year ) the valley lets its hair down in a week of good fun and great wine !
this year we attended the Lyndoch town family fun day on Sunday 3rd of April.... this was Erik's first vintage festival so we made the most out of it
sausage in bread with special barossa bbq secret sauce
 bouncy castles
ring tosses
picnic lunch
  and Erik especially loved watching the grape crushing  tournament
oh and Nanny came too ....
Isn't it funny how when I was little she would never spend a cent on activities or lunch or anything, and now she splurges everything on Erik....I guess that's the freedom of being an awesome grandparent.

 the grape crushing tournament is always a favourite with locals and tourists alike
, teams of two stand in a tray and crush the grapes with their feet as much as they can, the team with the most juice after 1 1/2 mins wins.... hilarious to watch as people get very competitive and its quite slippery :p

Vintage time, brings back so many memories for me .... face painting, petting zoos and balloon animals when I was little.... and then when I was 13 , attending the vintage parade at Nuriootpa and being so nervous ....., but secretly hoping, that I might see Aaron, I did .... he ignored me .. but that's another story all together !
and more exciting than all of that is the fact that my butternut pumpkins are finally ready to pick .... they are currently decorating my entry way bookshelf until I get motivated to cook them ...
  they are so cute :)
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