The Key to escaping Your house on time .... and not forgetting your bra or the baby !

The key to escaping your house,
on time,
with everything you need,
looking ah-mazing ...
and not forgetting the baby, is....
organisation !
Yep, pretty simple right ... and it really is !
If you spend a little bit of time before you go to bed each night , prepping for the next day... the mornings, your life and your appearance as so much easier to keep on top of !!
These might seem like pretty common sense tips, but once you get into the swing of it, your life just flows !
So here's the top  10 things I do each night before I go to bed so I wake up feeling amazing !!!
1. do the dishes/ stack the dishwasher... once again pretty simple really .... you'll be surprised how much better it feels waking up to a clean sink in the morning and not a stack of dirty dishes
2. pack your nappy bag/handbag for the next days Activities, repack snacks, refill drink bottles, make sure you have wipes, nappies, jumpers etc ... I sometimes even put my bag in the car at night, with anything else needed,  so there's one less thing I have to do in the morning
3. Think about what your going to wear .... this can take all of 30 seconds and it saves you a lot of guesswork and frustration in the morning ( check the weather forecast to help you decide) and sometimes I even hang the outfit out, including underwear, shoes and accessories , so you don't have to think about a thing in the morning !
4. Do the same thing for bubs ... lay out the outfit ( this also helps if daddy is going to be dressing bubs, as we all know how disastrously uncoordinated that can end up )
5. Put all your washing in the machine, put in the powder, vinegar etc and set the timer so it finished just when you wake up ...
 or have it already to go so you can start it as soon as you or hubs is awake ....
this way you can hang it out before you go out in the morning and it gets the most time in the sun !
6.  Think about breakfast  THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY !!! .....
you don't have to get anything out or prep....but even thinking about it helps,
 I always decide what I'm going to have before I go to sleep, so half asleep Shona doesn't have to stand in the kitchen hopelessly undecided about what to eat for 20 mins and then eat a banana instead of a proper meal .... again
7. have a nice hot shower ... this always helps, not quite sure... but it does ( make sure all make up is off and hair brushed out ... a clean slate for the next day)
8. moisturise especially hands, feet and neck .... and anything else you fancy !
9. crawl into nice warm bed.... cuddle husband
10.  fall into deep, relaxed sleep....
all up this probably takes 30 mins max ... its really not much in the scheme of things.... give up 30 mins of trashy TV (that your only watching for the sake of watching) and turn it into something productive !!!
NOTE :  No TV... our family has given up TV ....
 Erik watches a little bit during the day if I need to get something complicated done ... and every now and again we will watch a DVD ...
 but apart from that NO TV ....
it works for us , we have so much more time, energy, motivation,   Aaron and I are much closer, we have more family time and best of all ..... 
 sleep is much better !!!

I know these tips wont be for everyone
 but I challenge you to try at least one ..
 and see if it makes your mornings a bit easier...
 if you feel less stressed trying to get out of the house on time ...
if you feel a little bit more beautiful waking up well rested and glowing !
Simply & elegant, time saving  Mummy Styling post ..
comming soon
Thanks for visiting
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx



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