Summer Memories

 Its finally Autumn ..... and I start to miss Summer !
First of all let me say that I spent most of summer winging about it being too hot and I couldn't wait for Autumn.... I cant stand the hot .... I love the cold,
scarf's, boots, coats, hot chocolate, warm fires, marshmellows
 and everything made with pumpkin
 .... this is my happy place
I love Autumn,
 I adore winter,
 enjoy spring but...,
 not a huge fan of summer  !!!
 but this year is different, because this year I'm not coping to well with day light savings ,
whilst I might have hated the summer heat ...
I loved the late nights when the sun would still be up at 9.00 at night,
 loved the trips to the beach, picnics, watching Erik run about under the sprinkler and have a bath under the hose outside before bed,  BBQs, watermelon and spending so much time outdoors with hubs and bubs.....
now its 5 o'clock and its dark.... and cold... and yes I can curl up and read a book with a hot chocolate and my uggs on, but its just not the same as the family time we enjoy in the sun
its also different this year because we don't watch TV anymore, so after dinner Erik goes to bed, Ive done the cleaning Aaron gets bored and cranky.... but I cant garden, or wash my car, or sit on the front porch with a class of wine and watch hubby mow the lawn ..... its dark, its cold, its a little bit depressing :(
and of course I do the worst thing possible when I'm missing summer ... look at summer photos and remember such happy faces

pictures from Erik's first beach holiday at nanny and poppies shack, Pt Turton SA
 ( but the waters like the carribean )

"bath" in his paddling pool

dry dead lawn scorched by the aussie sun

sleeping with nothing on because its so hot
and then I think about amazing Autumn fashion, wearing my hair down because I now wont overheat, boots, scarf's, rainy days, wellingtons, hot showers and warm cuddles and I feel much better about Autumn !
besides... summer will come again all too soon.... don't ever wish time away !
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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