So What Exactly is Free Range Parenting ....?

 A few weeks ago a good friend of mine mentioned her mums group has been reviewing playgrounds for her group to visit, ( fair enough)
Criteria for the judging included... shade, grass, appropriate equipment for age group, enclosed playground and ... "Trip Hazards "

Trip hazards ???? I asked my friend

We both laughed and mutually agreed that this part of the critiquing was ridiculous for us  ... but then again we are both free range mums !
and our type of parenting isnt exactly for everyone

because I believe that my son "should" trip over ... if he doesn't trip and fall over ... how will he ever learn to pick himself up again !!!

Now this is only MY OPINION on free range parenting, I don't claim to be a parenting expert or behavioural psychologist .... but this is the way I chose to raise my son

I believe first of all ... that kids should be kids ! , that they should have a childhood worth remembering,
my grandparents have amazing childhood stories, camping, rabbit hunting, playing cricket with all the kids in the street
my parents stories include, tree houses, fire works, cherry bombs, typing lessons, wheelbarrow races
and my childhood which was full of camping adventures, fishing trips, woodcutting, hiking, eating mud, building cubby houses, roller skates and climbing trees.... was an amazing , full , happy childhood !

what will today's kids remember when they reflect back on their child hood ..... iphones, playstations, wiis, facebook, selfies, youtube,

what a sad world we live in  when technology even takes away childhood....

well not for my son, I'm determined to give my son a childhood full of experiences , not things


so in a nutshell...


 letting kids be kids

letting them figure out things for themselves, i.e sticking my fingers in places they arnt me to be may result in them getting hurt  or climbing on something I'm not meant to probably means I will fall off

letting them roam free....  my son spends about half his day wandering around exploring the back yard, picking up sticks,  playing with rocks,"picking" grass, comparing leaves and yes ... occasionally he will get bitten by and ant, fall of something, get filthy dirty ( I know shock horror lol FIY kids are meant to get dirty)... and when that happens, he knows where I am ...

Mummy is home base.... Mummy is not hovering just over his head watching every move in case he falls or picks a terrible weapon up ( like a stick omg)

 by this stage of mothering I find you can defiantly tell a when a child is uncomfortable or needs help... he will let you don't have to hold his hand the whole time !
I encourage my son to explore, climb, test his boundaries.... he know mummy will always be there when he wants ... but he is quite content by himself, exploring his world !
as he grows up, my son will understand consequences, boundaries, confidence, exploration, trust, and most importantly fun .... fun that comes from his own imagination, not a TV show or a toy
as he grows up he Will understand, there is more to the world than just him, that there will not be someone there to coddle you every time you trip over , that you have to pull yourself up, dust yourself off and move on !
as he grows up he will have commonsense involving the world around him... something that for being so " common" is pretty rare these days !!!
I believe in free range parenting.... because i don't believe kids should be raised by technology or wrapped in cotton wool their whole lives !
I Believe in kids being kids
I believe in Using your commonsense, Turn off the TV , Go out Side, Build  tree house !
I believe in making memories !
I believe in getting filthy dirty, because it is fun ... and dealing with the clean up later !
I Believe in mud !!!!
If any fellow Free Range Mummas would like to add their definition of Free Range Parenting, please feel free to comment !
I will be doing follow ups on free range parenting as my son grows :) and how it hs influenced my and my family, what we have changed, and kept the same !
Thanks for visitng
xxx free Range Mumma xxx


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