Poodle Skirts and Jitter bugs

"Rock n Roll  Rendezvous 2013" Birdwood SA

Poodle Skirts, Jitter Bugs, Chrome Bumpers and Picnic rugs ..... My Kinda Day
The outfits were amazing
The rock and roll music... had you bopping away
Every one danced.... couples from 4 years old to 84  "shimmied and shaked"
and some amazing classic cars
It was like stepping back intime to the 50's-60's
Stepping back to whenIi should have been born... I've always know I was born in the wrong era, but today totally confirmed it for me ,
I dressed up... it felt so right... so comfortable .... so me
I belong in a time when women were ladies and men were gentelmen
and once a year I get a slight insight to what it would have really been like to live in that era .... its something I count down to every year :)
some of the many many pictures I took today
 Hubby wont let me buy another project car :( ... he has a point ( we already have 2 on the go )


Vintage Barbie costumes .... love it !
Blogging a tutorial on this vintage updo asap :)

Hubby indulges my Rockabilly fantasys

and little man had a dance, a sausage in bread ... and then a nap :)
Thanks for Visiting
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx



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