Playgroup and some bargain hunting

 Play Group and some Bargain Hunting

.... perfect way to start the weekend


Tuesday is swimming day
wednesday is Mainly Music
Thursdy is Shopping day
Friday is playgroup day ....

 well I'ts not really playgroup,
 It started out as a new mums group run my the local CAFHS when the kids were about 8 weeks old..... 12 months later .... theres still 6 of us that catch up weekly !
These women are the closest things I have to best friends,
 They have been here for me through the ups and the downs, the sleepless nights, teething, tantrums, weaning, breast feeding.... and I honestly dont think I would have ever made it this far without them !
They are my support, they listen, they laugh, they make me feel strong.... and most importantly I know that they enjoy my company... just me, exactly the way I am .... I couldnt ask for more !
And  the best thing is ... the fully support my free range parenting :)


  this made me all sooky ... my beautiful boy fast asleep on his tummy , just like daddy :)
and then we went to a garage sale of a 100+  year old farm ... hoping to find some vintage boxes
Piggy back rides on grandpas shoulders

Oh boy did we luck out .... hopefully Ill be posting some pretty insipiring D.I.Y's very soon ;)
Thankyou For vising
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx





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