officially hanging up my heels :(

I'm officially hanging up my high heels :(
The sad but exciting day has come when I feel the need to get rid of all my "silly beautiful shoes"

The ones  I use to totter up and down hinley street in and dance the night away, the ones I use to attend fancy conferences in, do 8 hour retail days standing in, and the sentimental shoes I brought on my travels ... all time to go !
Because I don't wear them anymore and I don't want to wear them anymore !
You cant balance a toddler on your hip and a nappy bag on your shoulder when you are wearing 6 inch heels, its not practical, its not safe and  its certainly not comfortable
I have embraced the world of cute flats and sandals, boots and sneakers ... and I'm happy without my heels ! ( never thought id hear myself say that )
So I'm selling them on face book, hopefully some one else can enjoy them whilst I play mummy,
I'm not saying no more heels for me, I'm just taking a break... maybe once the Erik grows up a bit (too heavy to pick up) and I'm not running after him all day long , maybe ill slip into a cute pair of heels again !
So half a dozen pairs of amazing heels ( some still with tags on, never worn) are up for sale to good homes
Although I have kept 3 pairs, I convince my self that they are necessary, just in case !
 2 practical black heels ( one low heels and one high) and a pair of" to die for" golden Steve Madden heels that I wore to my prom.... yes I know prom was  ages ago, but they are designer, they are beautiful, and they still fit ..... I am keeping them !!!!
and  hopefully my "shoe sale" money might be able to go toward these bad boys i am seriously lusting after !
Yep I'm swapping, designer heels for wellies :S
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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