I am officially ... That mum !

 "That Mum"
 you know the one... the one you avoid eye contact with  but are secretly judging as there toddler screams and rolls around on the floor in the middle of Target ... today I was "that mum" all over !

you see...  I had conveniently forgotten that it has been quite a while since I actually went " shopping with Erik".... it was before Christmas.... before he was walking.... before he had started Tantrums !!!
I don't know how this slipped my mind... I should have known better .... 
 I carefully packed the car and headed out early this morning optimistic of a lovely day with my boy, spoiling him with his first donuts and a coffee for mummy
 There wasn't much to do today
return hair curler
put in script at chemist
sale at Cotton on kids
milk, potatoes, laundry powder
big W  shoes
and a haircut
was that really to much to ask ..... apparently yes it was !
 getting munchkin from the car into the pram was the first battle... in the rain ! 
all he wanted was to jump in the puddles ( if we didn't have such a long list of to-dos I would have let him )
Into the shopping centre, he was already wriggly.... so we went straight to the playground.... thinking if he has his run around time hell be happy in the pram 
no such luck
 30 mins playtime ... still didn't want to get in the pram.... didn't want to be held.... didn't want to walk
I wrangled him into the pram with bribes of food .... he finishes all the snack I brought, in the first shop  :s
* rookie mistake.. not bringing enough snacks....
 so I  end up giving him anything and everything to play with ( chuck from pram) to get threw my next few tasks !
 Then of to the hairdressers .... Erik has been having haircuts since he was 4 months old due to his extra thick and long hair and he has always been happy ...  needless to say I did not expect his reaction today !
screaming, shaking, crying, biting, thrashing ..... the haircut from hell !
( I still have scratch marks on my neck )
I was however, extremely impressed with the way the staff handled it, quick and efficient, finishing in a lolly pop....  where as I ,   felt like crying and screaming along with Erik ( it was just that kind of day )
After the horrific haircut experience was over, and Erik had finally semi-calmed down  I had to make the dreaded trek to the other end of the shopping centre to get to the car park :(
he refused the pram, refused to be held, refused to hold my hand and walk.... he just wanted to run off !
 we had about 4 tantrums on the way to the car... crying,  thrashing, kicking, biting, screaming in hysterics
Everyone was staring, old ladies, young guys, little children... everyone, was staring and judging !
I knew what they were thinking, I had been guilty of it many times... "omg look at that mum, she has no idea what shes doing, discipline your child, what a terror, my kids wont be like that !!!"
We are all guilty of judging " That Mum" on some level .... and we don't realise how much it stings until all of a sudden ... your that mum !!!
So what did I do .... I scooped him up and hightailed it out of there !!!! .... laughing all the way .... because that's all you can really do in a situation like that , laugh !
( its better than crying and having a melt down, which trust me , is what I felt like doing)
I was  frustrated, hot and bothered,  stressed and  grumpy because I didn't get my Gloria Jeans hot chocolate I had been waiting for.
 I was really at the end of my rope ..... and then, just as I am putting him in the car, he gives me a big cuddle, a sloppy teary kiss and then before I'm even out of the car park ... hes asleep
 So staring at my sleeping angle, so peaceful in  his slumber( even though his cheeks are still rosy from screaming)  I fall totally in love with him all over again, and its all worth it
Next time I find my self guilty of staring at "That Mum" , hopefully I'll remember my experience, and remember that you never know what type of day "That Mum" has had, maybe shes running on no sleep, sick and tired, with grizzly Children.... and glaring at her isn't making things any easier  !
maybe shes needs a friendly " it will get better  I promise" smile instead of a harsh judging glare !
food for thought ?
 NOTE TO SELF...... Shona, do not dare venture out in public places with toddler without
1. ideally , another person ( hubby, Nana etc)
2.  3 days worth of snacks and food
3. engaging toys and activities.. probably on a string
 so they cannot be hurtled at fellow shoppers from the pram
4. 2 bottles, in case one is not enough to put him into a milk coma
5. lots of wipes, in case 2 bottles is too much and he is sick everywhere
6. and for really desperate cases.... phone, with giggle and hoot episodes on it !
but then i think,
 is it really worth it .... maybe not ....
maybe ill just organise someone to look after him....
 or better yet just shop online instead
Ill let you know how I go next time
"baby leash" debate coming soon
Thanks for visiting x a slightly frazzled
xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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