Every day ... is laundry day !

Every day is laundry day in our house

With a 'freerange" toddler  and a "mechanic" husband, I'm lucky to get one washing free day a week....
and because of that

don't get me wrong i didnt always love laundry, infact i never really did it so  it was a huge change,
 going from washing once a week before we had Erik, to now 6 days a week !!! 
Before Erik ...
we would both finish work on a Saturday arvo,
 come home,
chuck a weeks worth of clothes in the wash
 and then into the dryer,
 and into the basket
..... and then on to our backs,
there was no hanging, folding, ironing ( OK... theres still not much ironing)
it was simple, I didn't think about it,

and then there was Erik ....
with newborn Erik came,
 6 changes of suits a day,
 endless bibs,
mummy's t-shirts,
 bed sheets covered in breast milk, wee and usually poo !
  the washing was piling up and I realised , once a week just isn't going to cut it,
wash more, or buy Erik more clothes (  hubby hides my purse )

and then for some crazy reason on top of that I started using cloth nappies ... pause for shocked silence...

By this point I was washing probably every second day .... and a strange thing happened...
I started to enjoy laundry .... I know , " shes crazy" right

But I really do,
 I enjoy packing the machine before I go to bed and turning it on in the morning,
 I enjoy washing Erik's clothes and nappies separately and on a longer cycle than I do with my own clothes,

I love love love washing our bed linen, and sleeping on fresh sheets

Seeing everything hanging nice and neat on the line, in the sun, being sterilised and whitened,

that fresh linen smell... well  its a bit vinegary too

and in the evening when Aaron goes back to work and Erik is fast asleep, I  usually watch an episode of  "hell on wheels",  fold my washing and put it away

Its not a chore for me anymore, because some how ( I'm not quite sure how) but I've found the pleasure in this daily routine
my hip hugging washing basket and favourite peg bucket
my simple laundry
tools of the trade
my jar collection for pickling

I know laundry isn't for everyone, but its just right for me, its something I am totally in control of
 ... I make laundry my bitch....
 and I like it that way
xxx Thankyou for visitingxxx
 Free Range Mumma


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