Birth Story : Erik Stephen Gates 06-12-11

 Birth Story : Erik Stephen Gates 06-12-11

A bit of back story ...
a fairly easy pregnancy really compared to some .... I was  fat, sweaty, had terrible acne, shocking morning sickness, continuous intense reflux ( due to Erik's full head of thick hair) huge fluid retention, a very very active baby, craving eating cement and paint.... yeah, you read that right !  high blood pressure etc etc
 ... and you know what...
 I loved every second of it !
Wednesday : 6 days before Erik was born...
On last hurrah, Mum Sian ( my sister ) and I headed to the Adelaide Zoo, we saw the animals, took silly pictures and I ate slushies all day because I couldn't get a cup of ice at the stupid kiosks, grr :(
Wednesday night :  migraine hits .... unbearable , I have two hot showers, panadol, usually that works ... this time it doesn't !
   I am in tears thrashing about in bed , when Aaron decided to drive me to the hospital... we arrive late, I'm not in labour so Aaron goes home to sleep but I  have to stay , tests more  tests, pain relief ... its still not working
 and I get no sleep listening to the lady next to me argue with her baby daddy all night
the doctor sends me home the next morning but says if the migraine is still there Saturday to come back
Friday : sleep, eat toasted sandwiches, only get out of bed to pee .... migraines still there :(
^ omfg I was huge , on our way to hospital saturday 
Saturday : Back to hospital after a night in tears again... baby is fine... mummy is not !!!
 more tests... oh yeah btw your blood pressure is through the roof, time to get this labour going !!
um.. what... excuse me ... induction ?????
Suddenly on top of the migraine my whole idea of birth is turned on its head... I'm going to be induced ? what does that mean? why ? ....  all the staff are conveniently too busy to explain why or whats going to happen .
 so i jump on google ....
10 minutes later I'm in a panic and Aaron has confiscated my phone!
  when you are anxious, emotional and heavily pregnant... recipe for disaster !
 I have the gel tape put in.... it smells funny.... it doesn't work :(
Bad news ; they cannot actually induce me until Tuesday because there are two many other women in the birthing unit until then
..... oh great, 2 extra days of nerves!
on the plus side this gives me time to try and get my labour started normally and I spend 2 days playing with my boobs..... it did not work !

Lets get this show started .....
Finally after 3 days of horrid hospital food, no TV, Iphone games, persistent headache and shitty sleep they tell me they will have the doctors break my waters  tomorrow (Tuesday) morning...
 I go to sleep ( probably for only 4 hours in total as I am too nervous) envisioning getting up, having a shower, make up etc and mentally preparing myself....
what I did not prepare for was the 6;00 wake up call to go to the delivery suite and break my waters.... too early for me ... defiantly too early for Aaron who was quite happy snoring away !

Now things were going to get interesting .....


xxx Free Range Mumma xxx



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